If God’s Word is True

It’s my choice:

Today, and everyday, I want eveything about my life, the way I choose to think, act, and speak, to reflect the belief I confess to have. But I am a flawed person, proned to respond out of my fallen nature instead of my transformed spirit. I can’t do it in my own power.

The more time I spend with God, in communication with Him, worshipping His goodness and basking in His love, the more like Him I become. The more of the Word that I read, memorize, and meditate on, the more my thoughts align with His.

Both of these help me grow into a more mature believer, moving away from the world and closer to heaven. But the flesh is something that you and I have to die to daily, sometimes moment by moment.

So, today I chose to act as if God’s word is true. And I will rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to follow through. Want to join me?


Holy Spirit,

Help me to live life differently than the unbelieving world. Let not fear or worry or stress or anger or jealousy have any control in my life. Instead, let my life be controlled by the truth of God’s word.


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