About Ann

Hello! And thanks for stopping by. It’s really an honor to share a little about myself with you.

I’m a Christian life coach and communicator who shares the joy of a life found in Christ with the world. My vocation is to help people rekindle their passion, discover their purpose, and fulfill their potential.  But my mission is to encourage and strengthen genuine faith and emotional wellness in your daily life.

As a woman of faith, I believe in the importance of a healthy relationship with Christ. As a child of an abusive, alcoholic father, I know that we are not defined by what has happened to us. As an imperfect wife and mother, I am committed to using failures as stepping stones instead of stumbling blocks.

That’s all that’s important, but if you really want the nitty gritty continue reading.

Career & Education

In addition to coaching and writing, I have a corporate day job as a process consultant for a Fortune 100 company where I previously spent twenty years in either leadership or employee development positions before stepping down. 

I hold a Masters Degree in Counseling, an Advanced Certificate in Christian Life Coaching, a Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies, a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, and a Certificate in Chemical Dependency Counseling. Additionally, I have both Associate in Claims and Senior Claim Law Associate designations in P&C Insurance.


As an author my work includes both fiction and non-fiction, with books such as Lessons for the Journey and Hope from the Pit . I’m a semi-active blogger, and an occasional freelance writer for both radio and print media. I hold memberships in Realm Makers, Faithwriters, Nonfiction Authors Association, and American Christian Fiction Writers.


I’m happily married to my college sweetheart and through steadfast love, deep faith, and frequent laughter we have weathered many storms of life including infertility, sibling suicide, and chronic health issues. For more than a decade we lived as the sandwich generation, raising our now-grown and beautiful daughter while caring for my ailing mother.

I’m a Louisiana bayou girl, married to a Detroit city boy, living in the piney woods of Texas with two four rescue dogs. I love adventure, and relish the chance to hike and ski in the mountains, scuba-dive in the ocean, or travel to interesting places, but I’m also an introvert. That means I’m most content simply spending time at home, with loved ones or a good book, or outside in our backyard magic forest. In my local church, I serve in both the lay counseling and worship team ministries.

Finally, I love books, pizza, waterfalls, and animals, though not necessarily in that order. And that is far more than enough about me.

But I’d love to know more about you. So, please use the contact form to share about yourself, or just to let me know how I can pray for you today.

Be blessed,


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