Wild Grace Life Coaching

Why Seek Christian Life Coaching?

Because it will help you unlock GRACE in your life

Grow your faith
Renew your mind
Achieve your goals
Create your best life
Energize your purpose

I help men and women who are in transition, or feel overwhelmed by life, or are simply discouraged by the path they’re on to discover their unique strengths, uncover forgotten dreams, and live out their life calling.

Just so we’re clear.

As your coach, I won’t help you become a millionaire, learn the secret to perfect life, or reach total spiritual enlightenment.


I can help you rekindle your passion, discover your purpose, and fulfill your potential.

I can teach you how to manage stress, find richer meaning, and achieve greater balance.


I can show you how to honor yourself, enrich your relationships, and grow deeper in your faith.

Through our coaching relationship you’ll be empowered, refreshed, and renewed, and ready to accomplish all of the wonderful dreams God has planted in your heart.

If that sounds like something you’ll like more of in your life, just complete the form below. I’ll be in touch to arrange a complimentary pre-session.

The journey towards greater life fulfillment begins with a single step. Shall we get started?

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