Ann is a gifted teacher and thorough Bible student. Her work is wise, approachable, compassionate, and edifying. I hope to work with her a good deal more in the future.
-Christopher Kusiak, Owner CEK Industries

Ann uses a gentle technique to guide people toward wholeness and health: she’s kind, but always has a strong take-away. Her counselor’s heart points people toward real issues. In other words, she “goes there.” But in such a kind/gentle way that we don’t realize we’re being taught.
-Janice Hanna Thompson, Author

Ann is wonderful. She is very insightful and I love the way (she) takes ordinary, everyday occurrences and turns them into spiritual lessons
-Betty S., Alpha Bible instructor

Ann is very articulate, and her meaning is clearly expressed. She does a great job using daily personal experiences–which are easy to relate to–as the object lessons in her teachings. She makes her points, backing them with accurate Scripture, without sounding sententious.
-Alice L, Private school teacher

What readers are saying:

The book “Hope from the Pit” is so rich and full of sound counsel.

Please know how much I am enjoying “Hope from the Pit”. I used quotes and a prayer from it as part of my Sunday School lesson. It was just perfect.

That was an amazing read. I love real life pictures of Biblical principles. Thank you for bring that to life!

What a great way to explain our relationship with Christ! I absolutely love this!

Beautiful words. Very timely and exactly what I needed to hear today. And, I’m reposting it because I believe that others need to hear it also.

You are such an inspiration. This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today. I’m sure that others need it just as much! Just want to say, thank you for allowing God to move through you to minister to others.

Sharing these powerful words that spoke directly to me in a big way today.
Thank you, Ann.

You have an amazing gift! Thank you for using it for God’s glory and blessing others. Your writings encourage me daily!

I keep coming back to this post. It has really spoken to me today. I was feeling like a huge failure. This REALLY opened my eyes. Thank you so much.

Goodness gracious! I am reposting this one and I hope my friends read it. Ann, I can’t tell you how much your work/ministry reaches my heart. Thank you for answering the call.

I am a better man for having read your writings.

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