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bookcover letterHope From the Pit

You don’t have to have been assaulted by your siblings, sold into slavery, or thrown into prison for a crime you didn’t commit in order to carry emotional wounds. Each of us wears the marks of the hands of those around us. In a fallen world it is inevitable that some of them will leave scars. Join author Ann B. Wilds as she explores the biblical life of Joseph and shows us how we, too, can find hope in the pit, shake off our chains, and thrive.


What readers are saying:

For all who carry emotional scars, for all who’ve been wounded by those they thought they could trust, for all who struggle to move on after being hurt. . .this devotional is for you.

You will feel the intimacy of a private conversation as affirmations and God’s love are revealed. This is a book you will want to hold onto and review as time goes by.  

Simple yet profound, it is a wonderful companion to bible study and group study. It is also a wonderful daily devotional to revisit again and again.

If you are facing trials that have led you to believe life is hopeless, pick up this devotional and be charge and energized to believe God for the best ,even when the worst happens. 

It is an amazing book that allows you to self reflect after each chapter. It is powerful and impactful in such a simplistic way. It makes you think and reflect on your approach to life in the most practical ways. It applies to everyday life struggles and can help anyone.

I believe that every Christian counselor, therapist, and pastor should have a copy in his/her office.

Get your copy of Hope from the Pit today at Amazon or your local bookstore.



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