Life in the Potter’s Hands

When my daughter was little we often played with modeling clay. I loved its silky texture in my fingers, soft and malleable just waiting for us to craft it into…well, more. At times the clay was hard and stiff when we first unwrapped it and we’d have to push and pull, and poke and prod it, before it was useful. In our hands, it would eventually transform back into something soft and supple. Now we could begin to work with it, forming shapes, cutting off a bit here, carving other bits there, until it finally looked like we intended, or at least it was a rough approximation to it. Nothing we made would sell as fine art, but still I keep two of our creations on my window sill, smiling when I see them from the sweet memory of times gone by.

Sometimes though, we’d grow bored and put it aside before creating anything, but a real potter won’t leave a lump of clay partially formed. With care, he molds it with his hands, pinching and pressing it until it takes the shape necessary to fulfill its intended purpose. Maybe it will be an elaborate sculpture or perhaps just a simple pitcher, but either way it’s only while the clay is pliable that it can be made into something more.

We live in a fallen world. People do horriblPotter's hands for blog.pnge things to one another. Natural disasters, disease, and death abound. But don’t allow the sorrows of this life to harden you.

Instead of saying “Why me?” when troubles come, and they will come, consider saying  “Please use this to glorify you God.”

When you remain yielded, He will mold every tear, every wound, and every heartache into beauty and purpose in your life. Your Potter is always working to mold you into so much more.


 – Ann Wilds

“And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. ”

(Phil 1:6)


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