How Do You Define Success?

People were shocked.

“You’re doing what?!”, was a common response when I first announced that I was stepping out of management. It didn’t make sense to them that I would give up a promising career in the corporate world.

But that world was only part of who I was. I was also a wife, a mom, and a care-giver. And as those roles shifted in need, God began to call me to shift my focus. But it wasn’t a simple yielding on my part. For a year, I’d felt His nudge to reduce my hours, but was hesitant to act. I couldn’t maintain my position and work part-time, and I enjoyed what I did and the sense of value it gave me.  So I prayed about it, and had my sister pray about it, and through a series of surprising – some even painful- events, He made it easier for me to jump when a opportunity arose.

And through that yes came a new season. One that, through the eyes of the world, may look unsuccessful. But it is the same one that allowed unhurried time and care for my declining mother, provided opportunity to be fully engaged in my daughter’s life and activities, created deeper dependence and connections with my husband, and one that opened doors for writing, teaching, counseling, and coaching.

Whatever place you are in right now, resist the temptation to see your value only through the world’s definition of success. To it you may be just a mom, just a student, just a worker, or just another blogger. But it’s wrong. Know right now, you’re never “just” anything. You are always a much-treasured child of God.

Message for the Journey:

What if, instead of a best-seller, the most important thing you write is a note of encouragement? What if, instead of a stadium of fans, the most important audience you sing for is a crying baby? What if, instead of a case before the grand jury, the most important issue you argue is to win a lost soul to the kingdom? What if, instead of a multi-million-dollar contract, the most important deal you close is your wedding vows?

God calls each of us to different work but all that are called are of equal value. The world defines success by status and power. God defines success by humble obedience. Ask God to align the dreams and desires of your heart with His plans for your life. It is not about our glory; it’s all about His.

– Ann Wilds

“Our purpose is to please God, not people. He alone examines the motives of our hearts.”- 1 Thessalonians 2:4b


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