Behold the Plan

The wonder of creation shouts out the presence of the Creator, whether it’s the largest star in the galaxy or this little, insignificant mushroom on my path in the woods

The intricate attention to detail reflects a master plan, and a master plan necessitates a master planner. The fingerprints of God are there for all who have eyes to see.

Those same fingerprints are on you, too. His hand was on you when you were formed in your mother’s womb, and it remains on you this day. img_8845

You are part of His master plan and have a purpose. One that will use your natural strengths, passions, talents, and position, not for selfish gain, but for Kingdom good.

And though you may currently be in an inhospitable place, undervalued and seemingly insignificant, look beyond your current circumstances and behold His plan. Then like Daniel, purpose it in your heart to commit to it.

For whatever you face, and wherever your part in the master plan takes you, God is always with you, even when you feel as small and all alone as this tiny, single mushroom in the midst of the forest.

Be blessed, my friend.




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