FREE Father’s Day Printable

An involved father is an often undervalued yet crucial component of healthy child development. Studies show that in homes where there is a warm father-child relationship, a child is twice as likely to enter college, 75 percent less likely to have a child as a teen, 80 percent less likely to end up in jail, and half as likely to develop depression. father's day photo

While I didn’t grow up with a good father, my husband is a tremendous one. Watching him over the years has given me glimpses into the very character of God.  I’ve often told my daughter that if I did nothing else right as a mother I gave her the very best daddy possible.  The two of them are very close.

So in honor of my husband, and all the other good fathers out there, I created this Father’s Day graphic and am making it free for you to download. The 8 x 10 printable simply needs to be printed, trimmed, and framed.

It’s an easy, but heart-felt way to show your favorite father just how important he is to your world.  Grab your copy here. 

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