Free Printable for Mother’s Day

I thought I knew all about love, that is, until the day I first became a mother. In an instant, my view of life and what was important transformed and I begin to live with my heart outside of myself. Every mother I talk to has experienced the same thing, and I’d heard it before I became a mother too, but I just didn’t understand it in full. Some things are simply too profound for words.

It was motherhood that opened my eyes to begin to really understand the depth of God’s love for us. As deep and strong as they were, all the feelings and thoughts I had, and the actions I took for my daughter were pale echoes of how God viewed me as His daughter. I am finite but He is infinite. If my love is unconditional and everlasting, His is even  more so.

Every stage of motherhood has brought me more insight into His character and relationship with us. My current lesson is just how much He misses us when we are far away from Him. My little daughter is grown now and lives in Japan with her wonderful Airman husband. We’re counting the time until they return home to us, much as God longs for all people to be with Him.

Just as motherhood gave me more insight into God, it also gave me more insight to my own mother. I now could understand the depth of her meaning when she would tell me she loved me the mostest.  A few weeks ago, we laid her remains to rest. Always a giver, she’d donated her body to medical science when she died. When the medical school was done, they returned her ashes to us.

In honor of my mother, and mothers everywhere, I created this graphimother's day printable for blog w editsc and am making it free for you to download. The 8 x 10 printable simply needs to be printed, trimmed, and framed.

It’s an easy, but heart-felt way to show your favorite mother just how much her love lights your world.

-Ann Wilds


You can download it here.   



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