Praying for Your Prodigal Through Scripture

Is your heart breaking for someone who is far away from God? If so, you aren’t alone. You’d be hard pressed to find a believer who doesn’t have at least one prodigal in their life. It may be a child, a family member, a spouse, or a friend.


Whichever camp your prodigal falls into, it’s a hard road to walk and a difficult burden to bear. As much as you love them and want to fix things, you must face the truth. The prodigal’s salvation is not yours to control. You can’t change their heart; only God can.

But what you can—and should—do is fight. At every occasion, fight fiercely for them but not with them. Fighting with them about their faith, through anger, guilt, or shame, is never effective. But fighting for them, on your knees, is. I was once a prodigal, and through the diligent prayers of many, returned home to the Father.

God’s desire is that not one soul be lost. He tells us so in His word, so it’s not something you have to wonder about. That means that He is actively seeking them, working to bring them home, even when you can’t see it. Just be still and trust. Press in to Him. There is no better time than now to grow deeper in your own relationship with Christ. Your work is to love them, wherever they are, and fight for them in prayer.

And as you do, claim God’s word over them. It is the sword we use to fight in the spiritual realm. As an aid, I’ve put a collection of some of my favorite verses to pray over my prodigals into an free download for you to print at home. I’ve even included room for you to add your own.

Just click the link below, and either print it or save it to your computer. It’s formatted for business card perforated paper, but can be printed on any paper or cardstock. Simply print them out and place them where you will see them as you go about your day. When you do, say another prayer for them.

Wield your sword, keeping it sharp and ever ready by your side, and together we’ll fight on in prayer until they all come home.

Be blessed my friend,


Download: Praying for a Prodigal scripture cards here


















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